Rain, how nice

We’ve had rain off and on for the past two weeks. Its been nice. Its been just a couple days of rain last week, and we’ve had rain off and on this week. Here, we’ve had just less than an inch, though other areas have had flash flooding and hail. But the plants love it.

Right now everything is growing well, plants are lush, trees are growing, grass is green, and the four legged lawnmowers, aka deer, are fat and sassy. I bet we’ll have quite a few young ones this year.

Right now in the garden we have pretty much everything coming up well. The only problem we’ve had is bugs eating the collard greens. Other than that the peas are coming up, we’ve been getting asparagus, even the apple trees have apples already. With the warm spring we’ve had I’m not surprised at how things are growing. The concern is how warm will summer be and will it arrive early? We’ll have to wait to find that one out.