Sorry for the delay

I know it’s been a while. A lot has happened. I won’t get into much of it.

But we have had some rain. Yesterday we even had an eclipse, a total solar eclipse. That was interesting. If you’ve never seen one, words can describe it but they can’t fully describe the experience. And you need to experience one to understand what it really is like.

One interesting part of yesterday’s eclipse was we did have some clouds. Not a lot, and they broke up enough to get the full experience of the eclipse. They had forecast rain, and we did get rain. The eclipse totality was around 1:37 pm and the rain began just a bit after sundown. As I write this its almost 9pm the next day. We got about 1/2″ of rain last night, but I didn’t stay up late enough lot the actual amount. This morning when I got up we had 0.34 inches of rain. As of now, almost 9pm we have over 3″ of rain and it is still raining.

We had rain, lightning, thunder, and I understand some areas got hail. And more of the same is on tap for more. We’ve been under severe thunderstorm warnings, for a while we were under tornado watch. They have had a lot of warnings about lightning. Here where I live we’ve had some close strikes. Normally my dog doesn’t care about thunder. But both last night and today we’ve had such thunder even my dog has taken notice.

Unfortunately we won’t be out of these storms until tomorrow sometime. The forecast says we’ll have them until late morning. We’ll see how long the storms last.

The good news is that we are getting rain, and quite a bit of rain. Like I said, we’re already at over 3 inches of rain, just today. I’m sure it will help all the lakes, and the aquifers. Texas does need all of those filled, both lakes and aquifers. Those are often our primary water sources.

UPDATE: It’s not quite 9:30 pm and we’ve now got 5.26″ of rain

Rain total at 9:23 pm. Sorry, the clock is off 1 hour.

Update: the last total last night that I saw was 5.41″ of rain.