Still cold

Yup, it it still cold. At 4:30 pm it was 43 degrees outside and a bit on the wet side too. It is not a pouring down rain. It is more like a drizzly, damp, just wet enough to get the roads slick kind of rain. But to put it in perspective, the rain in my back yard only measures 0.01 inches of rain. That is almost no rain, almost.

But tomorrow… tomorrow we should be in the 70’s, and the day after in the 80’s.

Welcome to Texas spring time weather.

To add to the fun, the Panhandle area of Texas is in wildfires. Yet part of the area had snow. One of Reagan’s relatives said they had 2″ of snow. Yet outside Amarillo over 1 million acres have burned. It’s called the Smokehouse fire. It ranges from north of Amarillo in a place called Fritch, east thru an area called Canadian all the way to the Oklahoma border, and slightly into OK. And the fire started yesterday. The panhandle area has had to deal with dry air and wind. The fire is more scrub grass wildfire. Its not an area with a lot of trees, but anything in the path is burning. Houses have gone up in smoke, ranch land has burned. Even some cattle have died due to the fire.

As of today, this evening, they say only 3% of the fire is contained. Basically, its not contained at all. Hopefully conditions will change and they’ll be able to contain it.

It is also now the largest wildfire in Texas history.