And the heat goes on

Well, I’m not sure if its good news or bad news. We will not hit the triple digits. That’s sort of good. But we will not be dipping out of the 90’s over the next 10 days. The nights are not what I would call terribly cool, but they do dip down just below 70 or stay in the low 70’s. At least one nice thing is no rain to speak of over here. But that’s not the say it can’t get humid. My dear wonderful dog has not been sleeping thru the night well, so I’m often up early (think 3am) to let him out. It is actually still pretty warm, high 70’s, but humid at that time of the night.

My plants are not happy. My lettuce is bolted as is any arugula left. And my peas are not happy.

In defiance of this heat, I have added a bit more watering heads to the drip water system. We’ll see if it helps the plants. But it looks like it will be a long hot summer, or spring, whichever this is.

Clouds 05/14/22

I will say we did have these interesting clouds yesterday. We don’t see these often.