Warm day

Wow! We hit the mid 80’s today – 84 at my house. Beautiful blue skies. And for more fun, tomorrow should touch 90!! Then for fun and games Wednesday our high’s are down to mid 50’s. Yes we are in spring in Central Texas. But grass is growing, seeds are coming up, and roses are sending out new shoots. A neighbor has a magnolia tree out front and it is starting to bloom.

So regardless of how our temperatures are bouncing about, I think we’ve hit spring. If we get a cold front now, there will be some unhappy gardeners. But I do hope temperatures level out a little bit lower, mid 60’s would be nice. And keeping the lows in the 40’s and 50’s means no covering faucets anymore. I even set up my law watering system already. Granted, it only waters twice a week, but in these temperatures it seems like a good idea for the plants.

And don’t forget, April 8 we get a total solar eclipse here. Everybody is already getting ready for it. I’ve seen solar glasses (cheap kind but they work) for sale in a number of places. I hear even the school district has ordered them for students. I wonder how many people will have solar eclipse parties?