Cold front again

This has been an interesting weather day. This morning, 9AMish, it was about 56 degrees. Shortly around noon I heard noise outside. It turned out to be hail, even though it was in the low 40’s. The lowest I saw was 41 degrees today. Now, just after 6pm we are up to 45 degrees. Here at home we’ve registered just over 8mph wind. I will say it make taking a walk today cold. It was cold temperatures and a cold wind combined for just feeling freezing cold.

Tonight we should have the joy of getting down to just below 30, like 29 degrees. It looks like it will be a slow drop in temperature from here on down. Considering the clear skies and the cold wind I believe we will make it that cold.

I’ve already covered those plants I feel need to be covered.

I’ve also contacted someone that will be coming over tomorrow to check out my yard. Since I am having trouble getting items I may need, mainly items that are heavy. I will be talking to them about getting them to bring in mulch and getting in spread in areas I need it. I also am looking to see if they might be able to get and install pavers for the back area where I want chairs to go. Having their input to figure out edging in the back would be helpful too.

The problem with the edging is that I need water to drain. I’ve got to come up with something that will work. Hopefully they will have some ideas. I can hope.