More rain

Its just after 3pm and we’ve got 2 inches today since midnight, AND we just got the first Flash Flood Warning for the area. So since yesterday we’ve had over 3 inches of rain.

“At 227 PM CDT, Doppler radar indicated thunderstorms producing heavy rain across the warned area. The expected rainfall rate is 1 to 3 inches in 1 hour. Additional rainfall amounts of 1 to 3 inches are possible in the warned area. Flash flooding is ongoing or expected to begin shortly.

HAZARD…Life threatening flash flooding. Thunderstorms producing flash flooding.”

And on Monday we expect to hit 90. This is Texas weather.

UPDATE: Since my last post less than half an hour ago we now have 2.33 inches of rain.

6:30pm We now have 2.63 inches of rain. Its raining be very light, more like a mist.

9:25pm: The rain is slowing down. But we still have 2.75 inches of rain since midnight at this location today.