Texas heat

To help those of you who don’t live in Texas what our heat is like, the following is taken from a local new website, KXAN.com. This is what they posted, August 6, 2020 about Texas weather.

” AUSTIN (KXAN) — Thursday will be our 5th day in a row and 26th of the year with afternoon high temperatures reaching the triple-digits. Austin is likely to reach 103 degrees with humidity bringing heat index values to 106-108 degrees. 26 days of triple-digit heat is twice the average for an entire summer, and it’s only early August.


An area of high pressure is now moving eastward into Texas. This heat ridge will settle over the state leading to mostly dry and very hot weather, even by August standards (average: upper 90s). There are some indications this second heat wave could continue well into mid-August.”


Now I know there are other areas that also get hot, Phoenix Arizona comes to mind. But that is the point. There are some areas where gardening in the heat has a different meaning.

I pulled the weather conditions off Weather.com for Omaha, NE. Their high is 83 for today, but over the next 5 days is 85, 93, 94, 86, 87. If you live in Brattelboro, VT your weather is 81 today, with the next 5 days as 78, 79, 86, 90, 89. The point here is triple digit weather is not everywhere in the USA. And so gardening in these conditions can be different if you come from somewhere else and are not used to this heat.

And that is actually part of the reason I began this website. To track what the weather is, and how it affects my garden.

Oh, and yes my cucumbers are still producing well. Go figure.