The cold cometh

I woke up this morning to a high of 36 degrees. I can’t tell you how cold it was last night, but it was cold. Today, we hit a brief, and I don’t think it was even an hour, of 43 degrees. But it has already begun its slow drop in temperature. Tonight is forecast to be 26, that is a definite hard freeze. And I believe it will hit that.

I had the joy of walking my dog outside, and it was barely over 40, with a good breeze, probably a 4-5 mph. It could have been a bit stronger, but it has been blowing that strong. To say it was cold is something of an understatement. Here in this area of Texas this is a cold front that is a bit on the late side. We are all hoping this is the last hurrah of winter, and it will leave and give us a chance at spring.

One crazy thing is that by Sunday we should be up to 67, but next week it will be high 70’s almost 80 degrees. How is that for crazy weather!

But for now it is cold and windy. With more cold cold on its way tonight.

UPDATE: I got up late last night to find the weather station said we were at 27 degrees. Cold night as they forecasted.