The cold is back

After a couple of niceish days of weather, the cold came roaring back. We didn’t have much of great weather, it didn’t last long. But last night we got back down to low 20’s. This morning, it is still in the mid 20’s, like 27. With any luck we’ll get into the 40’s, even if only just barely today. But tonight should be back down to freezing. Tomorrow is not much better. It may not even make it to 40 tomorrow. But at least it also shouldn’t get below freezing tomorrow night either. So that should hopefully be better weather.

As for next week, starting Monday they say rain. The forecast is 95% chance of rain. I watched the news yesterday and they said possibly 2inches of rain from the storms that will be coming in. If their predictions hold any truth, we could get rain Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, maybe a break Thursday, then possible rain next Friday. That would do us some good.

In addition, the weather will warm up. Monday may be in the 50’s, with Tuesday in the 60’s. At least that means it will be a warmer rain, not rain and 40 degrees – that’s a cold rain.

But it means here we may have a warm couple of weeks. Other parts of the country have been dealing with more ice, snow, and cold than we have. There was an article in the news about a football game in an open stadium. It was so cold fans were treated for hypothermia and frostbite. With the changes in weather that have been occurring, both cold and heat, you have to wonder how wise open stadiums are. At one time, maybe they were okay. But now with how weather has changed, I’m not so sure what will happen with open stadium.

Its easy to say people should bundle up and dress for the weather. But there is always the possibility of someone that thought they were prepared for the cold but underestimated what it could do to them. Its not lack of preparation, but maybe lack of experience. Things to think about.