The cold man cometh

Its just after midnight and the cold has arrived. Its now 35 degrees outside and light rain. We’re supposed to get down to 28 tonight. Tomorrow, technically today, is to get to a high of 30 with a low of 19. I would say we have a definite wave of cold.

Originally Wednesday was supposed to be cold, barely above freezing. Now it looks like we may get up to almost 40. But the night will still be cold, like 29. The good news is by Thursday it should be warmer than originally stated. Thursday now looks like it should be 43 for a high, and a low of 37. And Friday look like its back up to 55. That will be nice. We will be leaving on Friday and its good to know the weather will be good enough for travel.

In the meantime I wonder what the morning will bring. We have wet on the ground now, and the temperature is still dropping. It should get own to 28 tonight so this rain could freeze and turn into ice. I know a few businesses have already sent notice that they intend to close tomorrow due to the weather.

We’ll enjoy the next few days here at home, not going out anywhere. That’s fine by me.