The cold stayeth

Last night we got down to 21.9. Tonight we might give down to 17. It will be cold.

Late last night we got rain. it was all of 35 degrees at the time, but it was rain. I was worried getting that kind of wet, then getting cold. This morning I woke up to find ice on the ground and on all the surfaces. The driveway was covered in a thin layer of what appeared to be ice and then we got freezing rain (?). It was like getting hit by little ice pellets that bounced when they hit.

Today we got up to all of 24 degrees. A friend came over and was able to drive up to the house.  Tonight though we will be cold and down to 17. That’s just simply cold.

With luck tomorrow the day time high will get up to 39, but we will again have a low of 19. But by Thursday both the day and night temps will be above freezing. That would be nice.