The heat grows

Temperatures are up to the mid 90’s. It looks like summer is settling in. Starting this weekend we may begin hitting triple digits. After all the rain we had things are still growing pretty well. Things in pots are what actually have to be watered. I have a few pots out front, and they do need watering occasionally.

The tornado was just over a month ago, it happened May 22, and I have finally gotten my roof replaced and just the other day I got my fence replaced. It’s a lovely fence. It’s treated wood, someone said it is cedar. I know it looks good. The posts are metal and facing inside toward the house. I know most people have been wondering about why I had it put in that way. Well, the other week the city (I think) sent out vehicles and men to cut down trees in the back area. There is a railroad track back there, pretty close back there. My understanding is that the railroad track will eventually be turned into a walk trail. From what I understand it used to be the Georgetown Railroad. Now it’s just an abandoned track. But because the track is behind where I live, and I understand it will become a walk track, I don’t want the posts and rails facing the track. It would make it easier for any passing kids to jump the fence into my yard. Something I’m not keen to have happen.

Nonetheless, I’m glad to have my roof fixed and my new fence installed. Many of the houses in the area still have plastic and tarps on their roofs. I know I’ve seen a lot of roofs being worked on, so they are getting fixed. But there are a lot of them still in need of work.

I’m sure these people would be happy to get there homes fixed. Hopefully it will happen soon.