We got rain

Its Thursday and we’ve already have just over 3 inches of rain this week. The good news is we’re also not likely to get any more rain until Sunday. Much as we need the rain, getting a respite from the rain will be nice. There’s been a lot of flooding, creeks are flowing a bit much, earlier this week there were even school closings due to the rain. But the lakes are pretty much full or full. Lake Travis was 102% full on Wednesday, and Lake Buchanan 93%. And Lake Buchanan is still rising. So its been good to have the rain and fill the lakes.

And of course the garden is growing gangbusters. Everything is growing. Its green and lush. And the other nice thing about the weather is it hasn’t been real hot. Normally we would be warmer, but with this rain we have slightly cooler weather. Its still high 70’s, with nights in the mid to high 50’s. But the next couple of days should warm into the low 80’s. But at least its not any warmer than that.