We survived last night’s storm

This has been somewhat wicked weather here in Texas. I just spoke with a friend in San Antonio. The storm two weeks ago left them with hail damage – totaled two cars, windows on their house broken, etc. We here in Austin at this house we got no hail.

Last night we had another storm. And again we were lucky, no hail here. Wind, rain, temperature dropped from mid 70’s to 60 and with it came rain. We topped out at a wind speed of 43, and luckily only about half an inch of rain here at the house. And in case you wonder how I come up with this information we have an actual weather station here at the house. It records our temperature, humidity, rain fall, wind speed, etc. Weather even five miles away may be different from what we get.

Other parts of Austin are without power and have downed trees and roads closed. They’re hoping to restore power to them by later today.

To give you an idea of the fickleness of the weather here, weather.com says we are clear weather until Saturday. Saturday we might get another thunderstorm.  Accuweather.com says clear today, then possible thunderstorms Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We’ll see what we get. And as I mentioned, what we get here at the house, may not be what happens five miles away.