We planted the fruit trees

Dear hubby and I planted the new fruit trees. Most of them were pretty small, more like whips than trees. And that’s okay. It meant we were able to put them in large pots (5-10 gallon) rather than worry about putting them in the ground.  Then it rained. First we had light rain, then we had more rain. So at least they’ve all gotten good rain water.

We should have a couple days of no rain, then rain again this weekend. At least the plants are happy.

I took one of the breaks in weather to pull out the bak choy. I had Pat pull out the peas. They were all looking pretty ratty. We have a number of caterpillars – from what I can tell swallowtail not monarch. Currently they’re munching on fennel. But we’ve been eating yellow squash, which is growing well. The tomatoes look good, lots of green ones on the plants. The corn is growing but we have a problem with something boring into the stalks. Since I know its not squirrels or birds, we have some sort of infestation, maybe grasshoppers or locusts, I’m not sure. I cut back the spinach and some of the lettuce. Since the weather has been warm then cool and wet, somethings are bolting and growing. Oh and the melons are growing well.