Memorial weekend

Late last night, around 11:30pm we got another storm. It rained until a bit after 3am. We got about 1-1/4 inches of rain. The plants are happy. And as weather will have it, we may be in for more over the weekend. We’ll see. At least the plants are happy, the garden is growing, and the fruit is getting ripe.

Remember I purchased some more fruit trees that came in the other week? Well those poor trees looked like sticks at the time. The first one started leafing out in less than a week. Its now been about two weeks and they look good. The only one that hasn’t gotten any leaves yet is the pomegranate. Considering how well the others are doing already, I’m not worried. Even the banana is putting out new leaves. Most of the new fruit trees are in pots, but the pomegranate is in a planter, in the ground. But they all have water to them so I’m not concerned. We will have more fruit trees giving fruit next year.