Weather change

We’ve had days of hot weather. Even here at the house its been triple digit weather. Plants are dying here, getting brittle and brown. I’ve actually lost a couple of plants. We were gone as mentioned in my last month post, and many plants took a beating with the heat. And it hadn’t gotten any better. Grass has been crunchy and dry in our yard – we don’t water any lawn area.

Well, we suddenly got a weather change. In two days the temperatures have dropped from high 90’s and triple digits to the mid 80’s. Today we hit a high of about 85, and have fallen to 72 (as of my writing this). And it is raining.

Actually it began a short rain at around 6 in the morning. Its now the afternoon and its raining again. Our short rain this morning bare made it to 1/10th of an inch. Now we’ve got an inch, and its a light rain but still raining. I’m sure the plants are happy. With luck some of the plants will get what they need and come back.

At this point some of the tomatoes are looking a bit worse for the wear. I think I lost my 3 year old thyme plant, not happy about that. It died from lack of water. The only good news is I had already taken some cuttings and planted them and they are still growing well. These cuttings may take the place of the mother plant. Its been good thyme, and I’ve used it a lot so I would much prefer to keep it alive. I guess I can replant one of the babies into the mother plant container. The mother plant is in a large container, so I would much prefer to use that for my thyme. Also, my sorrel may have died from lack of water. So lots of the plants will benefit from this new rain.

And the weather channel says we might have this rain for the next week.