Yea for rain

A storm just came up. We’ve had fairly clear skies with just a few puffy clouds today. Around 3pm there were some clouds in the sky that looked like they could grow.  Well, it appears they grew.  Around 7pm those dark clouds became wind. Throw things around wind. We went outside moved a few pots around. Just a few minutes after coming back in it began to rain.

In this short half hour we’ve still got wind, but now it’s got rain with it. The temp has gone from 97 to 74 degrees. We’ve had wind gusts to 32mph. And this rain. We’ve had well over 3/4 inches of rain, almost .9 inches.

This is good news since we haven’t had rain in a while. In our case we were also gone for a couple of days and as luck had it our watering system decided to stop when we left.  With all the heat we’ve had, the plants were not glad to go without water for a few days.  This water may not help those things that died, but hopefully some of the plants will revive after getting this rain.

Yeah for rain.