What a change!

We’ve been in our new place a couple of months now. Well, we’ve been in the house even though we took a two week vacation in between.

Now for how the new garden grows.

The new house had sod and a sprinkler system put in by the builder. Since the sprinkler system is on an automatic timer, we didn’t have to worry or think about watering. Or so we thought. We decided to put in a few plants in the back yard so we had to check out the watering system lines. In the process of doing that, we turned the watering system to manual and watered for 2 minutes a section. It was a learning experience.

Guess what! We have a water break we didn’t know about. If we hadn’t tested the system we wouldn’t know about this break. And its quite a break. But in the process we did manage to flag each sprinkler head. I took pictures of the where the flags are so I have a record of it should I need it later.

But at least we were able to put some of my old potted plants in the ground. We managed to get my meyer lemon tree, four roses, one peach, and a berry plant in. We also planted a plum, but I don’t remember what kind of plum it is. We do still have a couple of pots to get in. And since they’re in the ground they get watered by the sprinklers.

I was able to pick up a charcoal smoker grill. We put it up on the patio, which may not have been the best place. I use a chimney starter and I’ve found that it makes the patio very smoky. I’m thinking I may need to expand the patio and make an area I can put the grill. I’m using the grill nonetheless.

Some of the other plants we have are still in pots. Since they are herbs, tomatoes, sorrel, and a few other plants, I haven’t put them in the ground. I may want to build some sort of raised bed for vegetables. If I can get that done soon I can get a late season of veggies. We’ll see if I can get that done.