What a summer

It has been a strange summer here in the Seattle area. We’ve had some days of warm weather, but not much. Its been a cool summer, and rainy for August. It actually has seemed like a very short summer here. And what makes it so weird is that we’ve gone from some absolutely beautiful days to rainy days. But even our absolutely beautiful days have not lasted for long. We didn’t really get much in the way of hot weather, but we have had a few days. We even, just a couple of weeks ago, got hot enough days (an inversion layer) to exceed smog standards. Kind of weird to have happen with all the cool weather we’ve had, but it happened. But today, nearing the end of August it was cool with only a slight amount of rain this morning.

But it seems like its been such a cool summer. It also seems like its gone by so fast. Maybe is just me, but it seems like this summer has gone by really fast. It almost seems sad to see it go by so quickly. But such is life. Gotta live it while you can.