Its been a while

Yes its been a while since I’ve last posted. And my how things have changed. We have sold our house in Bellevue, WA, moved out of the house in San Antonio, TX (pretty much moved out), and we have built and moved into a house in Austin, TX. The house in San Antonio still has some of our things in it. But we have decided we need more room in the Austin house before we can move the rest of the San Antonio items. So we are going to build a “new garage” in which to house the stuff. You may ask yourself, “why not just get rid of the extra stuff?”. Well, we can’t just get rid of that extra stuff. Its stuff that must be kept, so we are going to build a spare garage in which to put it. So that is the basics of what has changed so dramatically in my life. Now for the blog info. Since the house is on a large lot, almost 2 acres, and we have deer and other critters wandering naturally around, I am having some trouble with plants. As in they are being eaten, some more then others. So I have decided to track my successes and failures of plantings on this blog. And yes, this is subject to change.