And a Happy Holiday to all out there in blogland. It is Christmas Eve. The weather here in San Antonio is actually kind of nice, for a change. Its been warm – high 70’s, just not Christmas weather to me. Today is supposed to stay in the mid to low 60’s. Much better weather.

We finished all our shopping. The only thing I need is a couple of potatoes for dinner tonight. I’m planning on making rock cornish game hens for the two of us. That, some risotto, and veggies. The potatoes I have probably shouldn’t be used, and I’m thinking of just doing without them. Risotto should be enough.

Tomorrow is Christmas day. We will be going to see family. We’re going out to eat which should be easier. Then we’ll go to one of the relatives to “open presents”. Not really my favorite part. I really kind of prefer to buy myself my own. I know that sounds horrible to most people. But part of the problem is I don’t really want much of anything and nobody really knows what I do want or would be thrilled with. And I’ve got lots of junk so I don’t need more of that.

But the good news is 32 days to the next cruise. I have one of those count down counters on my computer so I can keep track of how much time we have left. The next one goes to the Caribbean. Its sponsored by Scientific American magazine and I’m looking forward to this trip.

I’ve had one problem recently. It appears my meds are off. When you take heart medicine you really don’t want that to get off. Mine did and it hasn’t been pretty. But we’re getting better, slowly. We changed the meds and I feel better – no more heart palpitations. You’d think someone as young as me wouldn’t need these, but I do. No fun, but necessary.