Dry, but humid

We’ve been lucky these past few days. We’ve been dry. Some clear skies, some cloudy skies. But no rain. The nice thing is it’s given us time to dry out. I’ve driven by areas where road machinery is being used to clean mud off roads. It also means some of the lawn are no longer have sitting water. My mowing service usually mow my yard on Mondays. But due to the rain we’ve had, they came today. What is nice is even though they use a large riding mower, the lawn has dried enough for it not to do damage. That’s nice.

But we are not likely to have this dry weather for long. Each night there are notices of “possible severe weather” in the evenings. So far here at my place we haven’t had any. But they are once again predicting rain, but it isn’t likely until late this weekend. But there is a chance of it on Thursday. We’ll see what we get.

I won’t be surprised if rain shows up on Thursday considering the humidity and heat we have. This morning it was 10AM, 81 degrees and 84 percent humidity. So even the days are warming, we’re shooting for 90 today. But we also have high humidity. So I can believe that we may get more rain. I’m not sure we are quite ready to dry out and get to hot summer weather. But with out temperatures, it’s clear summer is coming.