And the rain continues

I woke up this morning to a dark outside, at 9 AM, that looked much later than it was. It actually looked dark, turn the lights on outside dark. Luckily it began lightening up shortly thereafter. And the even better new – my weather station said we had 1.75 inches of rain since midnight. So we are getting rain. As I walked my dog on the wet road, I could see a few, okay just a few, blue spots in the sky. Now, at almost noon, those blue spots are harder to find. The sky is a blanket of clouds. More rain is expected today and over the next few days. I’m glad I fed my lawn before the rain began.

On a different note, the weather forecast for this weekend and early next week is growing colder. That above freezing night time temperature is dropping. The forecast for Monday is high of 44, low of 37. Yet Tuesday (Halloween) is now 51 for a high, and 31 for a low, but at least no rain. And next Wednesday, the start of November is also 51 for a high and 31 for a low. Will that actually happen? We shall see.

Hopefully this rain we had and are continuing to have will help our lakes and reservoirs fill back up. We can hope.