The cold front arriveth

It is Sunday morning, the day our cold front arrives. How cold will we actually get remains to be seen. But the high for today was probably seen around midnight. This morning its in the 50’s, with high humidity, and a slow drop in temperature already.

The forecast right now says we have a chance of rain this afternoon, and I think it might happen. It might not be much rain, but we’ll take what we can get. But right now the forecast for tonight’s low ranges from 37 to 40. But from Monday thru Wednesday the lows vary more widely.

This table shows what I’ve found, always subject to change. It shows the website then the highs for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then the lows for the same three days.

WebsiteHigh – Mon., Tues., Wed.Low – Mon., Tues., Wed.
Temple News44, 56, 5437, 28, 28
Weatherbug44, 54, 5542, 39, 42
Wunderground44, 56, 5636, 28, 28
Weather.com45, 57, 5537, 28, 28
NOAA45, 55, 5539, 34, 34

So what temperatures will we hit? I don’t know. But it will be a definite change from what we have had.

But it sure does feel good to walk outside in the cool weather.

I’ll keep you posted.