Definitely getting cold

We got up to a balmy 48 degrees this morning. It might be better described as we’ve been on a low downward temperature fall since yesterday. Its now down to 39, and its still dropping. We should hit a low of 29 degrees to night. Tomorrow night should be down to 26, and Wednesday low should be 28. The day time temperatures for the next couple of day will be cool too. Tomorrow, Tuesday high temperature should only be 44, and Wednesday high should be all of 51. By Thursday the day will be back up to 63, with a low of 38. By Friday will be back to 67 and 41.

At least the good news is no rain. It will be cold, but no rain, If we get cold but no rain, we don’t have to worry about ice forming on the roads.

But we do have to worry about losing plants with this cold. I’ve covered the peppers, squash, citrus trees, and a few other plants. Since I had promised a few plants to a friend, and I had them outside, I’ve had to move them into the garage. The plants are covered, so hopefully they’ll survive.

I’ve even covered some succulents I had on the front porch. I actually covered them with insulated grocery bags. Hopefully that will be enough for them to survive.

This is the first real cold we’ve had so far this season. We’ll see how it goes. Let’s just hope for the best.