Yes, we did get cold

Last night we hit a low of 27 degrees here. No matter how you slice it, here in Austin that qualifies as cold. Especially considering that by the end of the week/beginning of the weekend we’ll be up to 70 degrees during the day, and the low will be in the 50’s. But at least there is not rain with this cold.

Yesterday morning it was cloudy and cold. By 11AM it was clearing skies. By noonish it was brilliant blue skies, no clouds and slightly warming. Yesterday we had a low of 31ish, with a high of 43ish. The ish part means it was actually 30.8 and 42.7, more precise info but the 31 and 43 are pretty accurate. As for how it felt, that’s a different story.

Today they are saying we should hit a high of 53. We’ll see if that happens. But they are also saying tonight will not get down to freezing. We’ll stay just above it. Then we should warm up for the next few days. But we are definitely out of Texas summer.

Welcome to autumn/winter in Central Texas.