More rain

Another storm came through last night. It was late, about midnight when it came thru. Again thunder and lightning along with the rain. This morning my gauge said we got 1.68 inches of rain last night. This morning I awoke to crystal blue clear skies. Also by 1pm 74 degrees looking for 80 later today and high humidity. Since I’m dog sitting still, when I attempted to walk the dogs they started out great, then slowly gave out. I had to carry one of them home in the end.

One forecast says possible storms again overnight, but the day should be clear.

If I’m calculating correctly, so far this short couple of weeks we have had 7.17 inches of rain. That may not be perfectly accurate. I did have one night where we had power fluctuations and the weather station reset itself. But still, that’s quite a bit of rain.

And more on the way? Oh dear!

Update: final total rain for today 1.85 inches.