Fall is trying to come

It looks like fall is trying to make its way into Austin. It may not seem like much but the nights are getting down into the 60’s, albeit the high 60’s but that’s better than it was. Even the days are a bit cooler – high 80’s to low 90’s. No triple digits right now and that is nice.

Its still humid after all the rain we got, but that’s to be expected. That’s not the say I enjoy it, but with all the rain we had any heat will make it humid. But at least most of the plants seem to be doing well. That rain got everything nicely watered. And its been more a light breeze than any real wind. So Austin has a chance to recover a bit from the storms. I’ve noticed some trees and limbs down in the area, so tree services will be kept busy.

One other recent problem that seems to be occurring since Hurricane Harvey – run on gas. A friend warned me that lines were long and that some gas stations were running out of gas. I didn’t quite believe them. But just to be on the safe side, and since its Labor Day weekend and I only had half a tank of gas, I went to fill up. Well they weren’t kidding. The lines were 3-4 deep with vehicles when I got there. By the time I had finished pumping my gas the lines were even longer. And to make it work, gas prices had gone up by around 40-50 cents a gallon. Not great, but I have gas and nowhere to go this weekend. I did my grocery shopping so I can just stay home this weekend and cook and relax.