What a week!

We started Monday, August 21 with an eclipse. I wasn’t here, I had to go out of town so I don’t know how much of it was visible from home. But by Friday evening our area, and south of us, was in hurricane survival mode. Hurricane Harvey landed in Rockport, TX on Friday night. Even here in Austin we are feeling the effects. Yesterday, Saturday we had 4 inches of rain. Today, Sunday we’ve already had over 2 inches and we are still getting a slow steady light rain. Last week we had a high of 94 degrees and yet today it has barely made it to 72. At 5:30 pm we sit at 69.

Harvey is large enough (landed as a category 4 hurricane) that even parts of Louisiana are getting rain. And at this point, Houston is practically underwater.  What a difference a week makes.

A slow steady light rain may not seem like much, but the ground is now saturated. And they expect rain for many more days to come. Flooding is happening in many areas. Here where we live we’re actually okay since we are on a slight hill. The water still drains down hill, so we’re okay. That’s not to say the roads below us are in great shape with no flooding, its just to say that where we are is draining.

But its still warm enough that plants outside are green. I fear grass, weeds, and who knows what else will become a problem in the coming weeks.