Melons in October

Yes, we are picking some wonderful cantaloupes and watermelons, in October!! They were ripe sweet and delicious.

Life is working in strange ways. The weather has been warm, high 80’s to low 90’s. The nights are warm but not too warm. The nights are still in the 70’s. We’re supposed to get a cool down, we’ll see.

We truly have a second season here in this area. And we’re getting it now.

Part of the fun will be our new additions. We just adopted two new dogs. They’re Morkies – Maltese and Yorkshire terrier mix. They are little brothers, and about 5 years old. We got them from a dog rescue. They don’t seem to be in to tearing up the yard. We just brought them home yesterday. Unfortunately, today I took a fall trying to get over the makeshift doggie fencing inside. I don’t think I broke anything, I landed on both knees and both hands. But I’m sore all over and won’t be up to doing much for a few days at least. In addition I’ve been sick with some sort of cold or flu. I’ve been coughing and sick for three weeks. So taking a fall was not helpful for my health.

But luckily plants grow regardless of how I feel.