February arrives

Today is the first of February and what a change in weather. We’ve changed from the cold we had the other week to beautiful nice warm more mid to late spring type of weather. By that I mean its been beautiful outside. We’ve been mid 60’s to low 70’s. I think one day even hit 76 at the high. This morning by 11AM it was already 64 outside. So when I say its been nice I need it. The weather has been great.

But will it last? Is winter over for us? That I don’t know. The last freeze date for here is mid March, like March 22. So we could still be in for another 6 weeks with cold hitting at some odd ball time. Then again, the cold could be done for. Who knows?

But it is nice. I was able to get a company in to raise the canopy of my oaks in front, and have them clean them up. The oaks had taken some damage at one time. There was a place where a branch had obviously been torn off in some weather incident. So I was glad to have someone come in and take out branches that didn’t need to be there. Some were crossing branches that were growing together, some were just extra branches, think side heavy. So I needed someone that could handle that for me. I also had them treat the trees for their health. But the trees look much better.

But next year I will probably need to have them work on the trees again. Even the company said I need to let the oaks recuperate from the work they just had. So be it.

With the nice weather I have begun doing a little work on the yard. I’ve reseeded dirt patches, looked at putting in some pavers in front, bought a couple of pots and plants for them. I’m even thinking about starting some grow bags in the back yard.

One issue I have to learn about is how to turn my water back on. A couple of month ago a company came and turned off and blew out the sprinkler system. I’ve never had that done before. I guess all I have to do is literally turn the water back on and turn the watering system on and everything should work. I just hope that’s true. We’ll find out. New things I get to learn.

And of course we’ll see what the weather does and when I should turn the watering system back on.