How hot is it!!

Texas has a heat wave

Per KXAN news the Austin area has been hot enough to rate the following:

  • 45th 100º days so far this year (6th most on record since 1897)
  • 9 consecutive days of 103°+ in Austin
  • 11 consecutive days of 100º+ in Austin
  • 3rd-hottest summer in Austin history

It looks like we may be in for more heat for at least the next week. Yay for Texas summers that never want to end.

Yes, I know other areas get lots of heat too. Phoenix gets hot as do other southwest areas. But it doesn’t make you feel better when you are living in it. It’s like knowing others are in the same boat, trying to keep from shriveling up in the heat. It doesn’t make the weather any cooler to live with.

KXAN-Austin Forecast