Is the weather changing?

We’ve had lovely and average hot muggy humid Texas weather. Until yesterday. They’ve been saying we’ll get rain, but yesterday we got some. And with that rain, a slight cool down. Now for Texas a cool down means instead of being triple digits or the high 90’s, we’re in the low 90’s. So instead of being 97-99, we are down to 92, with a possible 87 tomorrow. WOW! Yes, that’s what a cool down can look like in this area. Crazy huh!

But the nice this is with this cool down we actually got just over 1/4 inch (per an outdoor rain gauge) yesterday. As for today we’ve had about 1/2 inch. Still not a lot of rain, but the yard will love it. I’m sure some other areas got more or less rain, but that’s what we’ve had here.

On the bright side, over the past few days I’ve put more seed in the ground. I’ve put in squash, zucchini, tomato, broccoli, beets, beans, and carrots. Now I recognize that some of my seed may be old, so I’ve put lots of seed down hoping at least some of it will sprout. We’ll see. I’ve also ordered some new seed.

Because of the heat we have, highs in the triple digits, and we had it for well over a week, I’ve been working in the yard pulling out dead plants. We’re having a problem with the watering system, so we’ve been having to water by hand. Its nice the weather is cooling down when you have to stand out in it to water plants. But with luck we’ll be able to get something growing and get some veggies later this year.

Wish me luck. With Texas weather being what it is, you never know what will happen. It could get back up to high 90’s all over again. But if it stays this cool, and we get rain for a few days, more things have a chance of surviving.

Autumn will arrive some day.