It rained

Where some areas got more rain than they could want, mainly in the form of flooding, here at this location, we got 1.58 inches of rain. I admit that most of the rain came in one quick downpour. We got an initial inch of rain in about one hour mid afternoon. Here we even had some periods of power fluctuations. Luckily we didn’t have the power go all the way out, but I was concerned about that happening.

For a while it was just a slow rain. Here there doesn’t seem to be any flooding, but other areas may have gotten more rain than we did. Earlier today news had said that the Dallas area had flooding. So I wouldn’t be surprised if some areas in Travis Co. have gotten enough rain to flood. I’m sure some areas in the greater Austin are have flooded, and I’m sure tomorrow’s news will give reports of any.

But more rain is still expected come early morning, probably before sunrise. The forecast suggests thunderstorms may begin around 4AM. We shall see. But I admit its nice to finally get some rain. We do need it.