Its cooling down

Its not quite fall/autumn yet but the weather is cooling down. Its not a big cool down, especially if you lived in a different area, but for Texas its a cool down. By cool down the days are in the high 80’s with some low 90’s thrown in for good measure. The nights are now in the low 70’s with some high 60’s in the offing. Getting down that low would be nice.

But for the garden it means that things are now growing. Plants are springing back to life. My tomato plant, its been babied all summer, is now showing new shoots and even flowers. Maybe I’ll even get some tomatoes. Some areas of Central Texas have gotten some rain, and they have mentioned even better success with their gardening.

As for rain, here at the house we’ve had a little. Nothing much to speak of, but some. I say some as areas north and south of here, and even east and west of here have gotten rain. But here its been little bits – half an inch here, a tenth of an inch there, more like dribs and drabs instead of a good rain fall. Such is life here!

But nonetheless we are on a cooling trend. After this long hot summer, and the slight rain we’ve had here even my lawn is filling back in (yeah!). I’ve planted a few seeds, beans, peas, some swiss chard and at least the beans are coming up. I do have to admit I am using some older seed and that may be the problem. I may end up going and getting newer seed and seeing if that will sprout. But it is good to see the plants perking up, and seeds sprouting.

Maybe I’ll get something from my garden this year after all. I can hope.