Its a cold front!

We have an honest to goodness cold front. Yesterday was a high of 87. This morning at 10AM we are all of 42 degrees. That is a cold front. We also managed to get some light rain with this cold front, so its now cold, wet, and windy outside. But it means we have our first real cold out there. Yes, this is how Austin weather rolls. You do learn to watch and listen for the weather projections. You never know when they will actually be right.

We had done some weeding the other day. I’m glad we go it done. We’ll see how many plants survive the weather today. I didn’t cover anything. We should actually stay cool all week. We won’t reach the low 60’s until Friday. And we may have rain, thunderstorms, or drizzle from today (Monday) thru Thursday. So we shall see how the weather goes. and how the garden handles it.