Its 9am and it is 26 degrees outside. How’s that for cold in Central Texas. My weather station is bouncing between 26 and 27 degrees outside. Its with a light breeze, which makes it feel dang cold. My dog didn’t really want to run out for his morning potty break. He did go out, but it is cold out there.

UPDATE: Its now 11pm, 14 hours after the previous post. We had an earlier high of mid 40’s, I think it was like 44-45 today. But now at this time we are back down to 27 degrees outside. Last night I lost some plants, not sure how many yet. It was late when I went out and covered some additional plants. Today I left everything covered, but I noticed that a few plants let uncovered look pretty bad. Mainly its the geraniums that look bad. A couple of small basil plants, I had quite a few volunteers this year, also look pretty dead. Tomorrow, Monday should be warmer, in the mid 50’s, but the night should still get down to freezing.

Welcome to a cold front in Central Texas.