Welcome 2022

They warned us a cold front is coming. Well, I would have to say it is here. I’ve spent the day watching the Rose Parade, then football.

But the day’s weather is a whole other story. Earlier today it was in the mid 70’s. It was so warm I had to change to a lighter top in order to comfortably walk my dog. It must have been about 77.

Now it is about 11:30 PM and it is cold outside. My outside thermometer registers a cool 36 degrees. They are saying we should hit a low of 26 tonight, 25 tomorrow, and Monday night will be a balmy 34. Its short lived, just these few day, but a cold few days. Let’s hope we did a good job covering all the plants.

Oh, and the wind is less than 1 mph. Its seems to be cold but still. At least at the moment. That’s subject to change I’m sure.

Happy New Year.