Its cold outside

Yesterday, after posting that rain was coming, rain began. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay up all night and see how much rain we got before midnight when the weather station resets. But this morning we have almost half an inch of rain. Now, after 10pm we have 2.56 inches of rain. Which means since last night, now about 24 hours of rain off and on, we’ve gotten our share of rain.

In addition to getting this rain, we have dropped temperature. It is now a cozy 48 degrees outside. That’s good soup, stew, sweater, hot cocoa, fireplace weather. Tomorrow we should be dry, but still cold. By this weekend we’ll be around 70 degrees. But the nights will be staying a bit on the cooler side. So for central Texas, we have definitely hit cooler weather. I’m not sure we will hit a front here where I am, but some areas well may. I will begin moving plants around so that some are more protected and closer to the house. What will this winter bring, who knows. But it is doing its best to come.