Its been a bit

Well the weather here in Central Texas has been a bit odd. A couple of weeks ago we had a cool down and not quite half an inch of rain. But since then its been odd. Right now for example, its Sunday afternoon, almost 3:30pm, its 75degrees outside with humidity of 78%. I’m not sure whether I should say its too warm, too humid or too what. But I know on some of the garden groups people have talked about to grow in the garden.

The other day the weather was nice enough that I turned most of my beds. I do need to add soil to the beds. But I used the opportunity to turn the soil, pull weeds, and move some plants around. I also put some seeds out too. I turn my raised beds using a big garden pitch fork. I’m lucky enough to have one that fits my height, I’m short so I need a short pitch fork. Turning the bed allows me to aerate the soil, and loosens it so plants like carrots and other root vegetables can grow easier. The other great thing about doing this is that it makes pulling weeds so much easier. When you dig up soil down to 6-8 inches you actually pull up a lot of roots. Turning all that soil makes it really easy to just pick weeds up and throw them out.

Now the other things I need to do is add some soil. Turning the soil let me know how much oil I’ve lost or at least that has moved out of the beds. I also need to fix the drip water system. The joint where the hose meets the water tubing needs to be cut off and reinstalled. That will get done, but it hasn’t happened as of yet. I need to make a significant run to Home Depot (parts and soil purchases). But before I go I need to take a picture of the area of the drip system that needs to be replaced and get some advice on how to best fix it.

At any rate, I sowed carrots, beets, bok choy, spinach, and lettuce. I also moved around some of my that are still growing. My bell pepper is still producing and needed more room, so it got relocated. I went to pull up my bean plants, but I found a few dead ones, and a few live plants. So the dead ones are pulled, and the live ones have been replanted in one area, and with their own