Love Texas weather

You have got to love Texas weather. We had a bout of killing freeze weather, but now we are up to 70 degrees. So the poor plants that didn’t survive the frost, like my squash, green bean, and tomato plants, may be dead or dying, but now we have great weather. How long will this weather last? Well, that’s a good question. The 10 day forecast shows our day time highs everywhere from the low 70’s to the mid-50’s. And it looks like the coldest night is still in the 40’s. Not even close to a killing freeze night. But of course, by then we’ll be going into December and in December we can definitely expect cold weather.

So I have uncovered what I could, kept some plants covered and just hope for the best. My citrus, meyer lemon trees, are uncovered. I’m hoping we have enough good weather for them to continue ripening. They look good, but we’ll see what happens.