More cold

As of 10AM it was 21.4F at my house. I love having a weather station in my back yard!! But it is that cold. The forecast is now a high of 32, and hopefully we will make it there. As of now, almost 3pm, its only gotten up to 23 degrees. So we are just plain cold and I’m not holding my breath on the 32.

The latest forecast puts us in freeze warnings until 10AM Wednesday, today is Sunday. I hope it doesn’t last that long, but who knows.

On the upside, the heat pump works. It has kept the house at a comfy 70F, where it was set at. Yes, I should probably lower the temperature, but I wasn’t even sure what I would have to do to keep the house warm. The good news is I didn’t have to do anything. I got up at 1AM (don’t ask!) and it was still comfy here in the house. I didn’t have to manually put it into emergency mode. So I’m glad to say the house works as best as I could have hoped for at this point. Yes, its still possible that the heating bill for this month may be high. But I would expect with this cold that the charges will be at least a bit higher.

But so far so good surviving the cold. I haven’t built a fire in the fireplace, but I do have the wood if I want to.