Still cold

They say today will be the last day of this cold spell. We shall see if that holds true. Granted, it was warmer than it had been. We actually just hit 32 here at the house. So it was not what you call warm, but it was warmer than it has been. Tomorrow the forecast is for 44, but first we have to make it thru tonight. I put it that way because one weather site suggests we could hit a low of 9 briefly before sunrise tomorrow. That will be cold, reeeeeaallllllll cold!

But overall I think we’ve weathered it well. The power outages I’ve heard of have all been minimal, not a lot of people and not for a long time. But then again, that’s only for the central Texas area. Other areas could have experienced outages I haven’t heard of.

But dog and I seem to be surviving the cold okay. I found an infrared thermometer gun in the garage. I’ve been using it to check the temperature around the house. Granted, the floor is a couple of degrees colder than one foot up from the floor. I have a metal statue and the infrared gun can even tell the difference in temperatures of the metal. That area that sits on the floor is colder than the area 12-18″ off the ground. That’s kind of interesting to know. But, overall the house is warm enough, just don’t sleep on the floor just yet (my dog has been on the couch). It’s cold down there.

As for dog, he wants to go on a walk, but not until the weather warms more. Yes I have coats for him, but not booties. He never took well to booties. Not all dogs do. He does got out numerous times in order to do his business, and there’s been no accidents in the house. But he goes out, does his thing, then comes right back in. I can’t say I blame him.