New beds

Well one new raised beds is in and now up, filled, and planted. The soil in it is a mix of garden soil and potting mix. Its about 8 feet long, four feet wide, and probably at least 12-14 inches deep in soil. I was able to move plants, seedlings really, into the beds. With help, we pulled the carrots and beets out of their pots and put the excess, left over soil into the one unfilled bed.

I was able to move some of the pots, and their seedlings into the new bed. I moved the basil, which was in a felt pot into a regular plastic pot. I also transplanted the oregano into a larger pot. It had been in an old 1 gallon pot, the kind you get when you purchase plants. The new small rosemary also got a new home, a new pot. We just got it a couple of weeks ago, and its one of those small little plants. So its now in a bigger home, pot.

Those pots that have plants that were not really growing well, like the lettuce that was bolting, were just discarded and the soil moved into the unfilled bed. Some things I left alone. The tomatoes were left in the pot they are growing in. But the peppers weren’t growing any, nothing had sprouted, so I just moved the soil into the unfilled pot.

I also transplanted some squash plants into a new pot. I had put seeds into a pot with not the best of soil. Actually the soil felt more like clay. I pulled out the seedlings, moved them to a new pot, and spread the clay soil into the unfilled pot. Heavy clay soil mixed into a large unfilled bed makes it much less of a problem.

The filled bed has now been planted with some seedlings, and with new seed. I put in peppers, swiss chard, lettuce seedlings, carrots, beans, and cucumbers. I still have room in the bed, and I want to put in some watermelon and some cantaloupe seed, but since they take so much room, I may wait and put it in the currently unfilled bed.

But at least now we will have some fresh veggies for this summer, at least hopefully. Now if we can just get some rain when we need it. Then we will be in good shape.