Texas weather does it again. Just the other night we had thunderstorms early in the morning. As in wake you from your sleep early, and that much thunder, lightning, and rain. But after that lovely weather we are in a warm up.

This morning, by 9 AM it was a cool 57 degrees. But today we are looking at going to a lovely 86, and in the next couple of days they are talking pushing high 90’s. Who knows, those could end up hitting our first 100 degree day, a bit early.

But I was able to get some seeds and plants into the new planter over the weekend. With the rain we got I should be able to have fresh veggies this summer. I put in cucumbers, peppers, swiss chard, I moved some lettuce, and replanted the squash, and put in more carrots. I did harvest the carrots I had before in a pot. They were very tasty. So I decided more carrots would be a good idea.

And we’ll see how the weather plays out. If we get that hot I will have to get a drip watering system in soon. That is one thing I haven’t done yet. So far, only a few days, I’ve been watering by hand.