New week begins

Last week saw light sprinklings, but not much in the way of a good rain. By a sprinkling we got in the hundreths of inches. Barely measurable rain. It was just enough to get things wet, but not enough to give us a good watering. I’m not even sure if other areas got much more than we did.

For example today I walked my dog and got caught in a short shower. It wasn’t much. It got the ground wet, wet my dog, but it wasn’t enough to measure.Today did get 0.05 inch and that was before 7AM. So we really haven’t gotten much rain.

But it looks like we are in for a change of weather.

Tonight we are expected to get down to 35. Tomorrow, Monday we are looking for 39 and 32 with some afternoon/evening rain. Tuesday will be similar, including evening showers. Wednesday we will warm a bit and get rain. Thursday and Friday are warmer days, and again cold possibly freezing nights. By Friday we should get sun. Next weekend we will warm back up.

Hopefully we will actually get rain, measurable. We need it. This area is still in drought conditions. Some rain would be well appreciated.

One interesting thing about our crazy weather is that my pak choi is sprouting as are carrots, some lettuce and even some swiss chard. Not only that my pomegranate tree has some fresh green baby leaves on it. And that rose I put in a pot has lots of green leaves too. We’ll see how they take this new cold snap we have coming.

Let’s see what Mother Nature brings us.

UPDATE: the cold front is on its way. it’s 11:15PM and we’ve dropped to 38 degrees already. It will be a cold night.