More wild weather

After more warm weather, we had another sudden change. After warm night and warm days, we did another sudden drop. Today was a fairly cool/cold day, complete with rain. Here at the house we got just over 3/4 inch of rain. The gauge says we got 0.78 inches of rain. Most of that came in light to moderate rain fall, starting before 8AM and finishing around 2-3PM. We did have some breaks in there with no rain, but most of those breaks were rather brief. Right now, at 10PM we’ve dropped down to 42, going for a low of probably 34 degrees tonight. And the next few days are expected to be similar, with cool/cold days probably around mid to low 50 for the day and near freezing at night.

And so central Texas makes its way through winter. And the 10 day forecast stays pretty similar to what we now have. Its not the worse weather, and actually so far its been okay. We did have some cold days, but we haven’t had terrible weather. Though parts of Texas, outside Houston, saw tornadoes today. We have seen wind today, so….

This is why plants here need to be strong and yet flexible. They never know what mother nature is going to send there way.