My lovely Linus, my dog, needed a potty break early this morning. At like 4:40AM this morning. When I got up to take him out, I noticed the rain gauge said we had 0.11 inches of rain. It had just started to rain. By morning, when I got up, have had over an inch of rain. We even had a bit of thunder. Now, at 11pm we have acquired 1.39 inches of rain. Most of the day has just been overcast, with just occasional rain showers. Its been in the mid 50’s all day, and still is. Tomorrow should be similar, both in temperature and in possible rain. But by Wednesday, the day will be in the 60’s, but by that evening, maybe overnight we should drop to below freezing. Wednesday night we expect a hard freeze, 28 degrees. Thursday the day time temperature should be just above freezing, at 33. But that night is expected to be down to 19 degrees. Friday won’t be much better. The day time temperature will again be just above freezing, with the night below freezing. It will be a cold week ahead.

Additionally Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we expect to have some rain too. So it could be we end up with ice, sleet, maybe snow (not in the forecast). I will keep you posted, but its going to be a cold wet week.